Sam’s Song in the Orc-tower

I sit upon the stones alone;
the fire is burning red,
the tower is tall, the mountains dark;
all living things are dead.
In western lands the sun may shine,
there flower and tree in spring
is opening, is blossoming;
and there the finches sing.

But here I sit alone and think
of days when grass was green,
and earth was brown, and I was young:
they might have never been.
For they are past, for ever lost,
and here the shadows lie
deep upon my heavy heart,
and hope and daylight die.

But still I sit and think of you;
I see you far away
Walking down the homely roads
on a bright and windy day.
It was merry then when I could run
to answer to your call,
could hear your voice or take your hand;
but now the night must fall.
And now beyond the world I sit,
and know not where you lie!
O master dear, will you not hear
my voice before we die?

Вторият стих е променен в ръкописа:

For they are gone, for ever lost,
and buried here I lie
and deep beneath the shadows sink
where hope and daylight die.

Последните два реда са пренаписани и гласят:

O Master, will you hear my voice
and answer ere we die?

В тази си форма песента се появява във втория ръкопис на творбата. По-късно поемата е изцяло пренаписана, но втората част от първия стих остава почти непроменен и се поставя в началото:

In western lands the Sun may shine;
there flower and tree in Spring
are opening, are blossoming,
and there the finches sing.

Първоначалният вариант на стиха от „Завръщането на краля”.

Вж. In western lands beneath the Sun