Nevbosh Limerick

из „Дж. Р. Р. Толкин — Биография” от Х. Карпентър

Dar fys ma vel gom co palt ‘Hoc
Pys go iskili far maino woc?
Pro si go fys do roc de
Do cat ym maino bocte
De volt fact soc ma taimful gyroc!’

(There was an old man who said ‘How
Can I possibly carry my cow?
For if I were to ask it
To get in my basket
It would make such a terrible row!’)

Nevill Coghill Limerick

из Писмо № 275

Mr Neville Judson Coghill
Wrote a deal of dangerous doggerill.
Practical, progressive men
Called him Little Poison-pen.