From One to Five

One old man of Durham
Wrote a perished play;
Had he not lost the play, sir,
The royalties would pay, sir! — Poor he!

Three wise men of Yorkshire
Tried to train a boy;
Had the boy been brighter
Their task had been lighter — O yea!

Two poor loons of London
Tried to talk in Norse;
Had their tongues been stronger
Their talk had been longer — Ah me!

Four young nameless noodles
Took the English school —
Nearly failed in winter —
They ploughed ’em in the Inter — Wela wa!

Five fat Middlesex maidens
Tried to print a book;
They used as ink-ball, sir,
The roundest of all, sir! — Hee hee!

„От едно до пет”. В „Песни за филолози”. От Дж. Р. Р. Толкин, Е. В. Гордън и др. Лондон, частно издание на факултета по английски език и литература към университетския институт, 1936, IV, стр. 6.

По мелодията на “Three Wise Men of Gotham”.