The Song of Ælfwine

on seeing the uprising of Eärendil

Eressëa! Eressëa!
There elven-lights still gleaming lie
On grass more green than in gardens here,
On trees more tall that touch the sky
With swinging leaves of silver clear.
While world endures they will not die,
Nor fade nor fall their timeless year,
As morn unmeasured passes by
O’er mead and mount and shining mere.
When endless eve undimmed is near,
O’er harp and chant in hidden choir
A sudden voice up-soaring sheer
In the wood awakes the wandering fire.

With wandering fire the woodlands fill:
In glades for ever green it glows;
In a dell there dreaming niphredil
As star awakened gleaming grows,
And ever-murmuring musics spill,
For there the fount immortal flows:
Its water white leaps down the hill,
By silver stairs it singing goes
To the field of the unfading rose,
Where breathing on the glowing briar
The wind beyond the world’s end blows
To living flame the wandering fire.

The wandering fire with quickening flame
Of living light illumines clear

That land unknown by mortal name
Beyond the shadow dark and drear
And waters wild no ship may tame.
No man may ever anchor near,
To haven none his hope may aim
Through starless night his way to steer.
Uncounted leagues it lies from here:
In wind on beaches blowing free
Neath cliffs of carven crystal sheer
The foam there flowers upon the Sea.

O Shore beyond the Shadowy Sea!
O Land where still the Edhil are!
O Haven where my heart would be!
The waves still beat upon thy bar,
The white birds wheel; there flowers the Tree!
Again I glimpse them long afar
When rising west of West I see
Beyond the world the wayward Star,
Than beacons bright in Gondobar
More fair and keen, more clear and high.
0 Star that shadow may not mar,
Nor ever darkness doom to die.


Казано е, че преди да се отправи на последното си пътешествие, той промълвил следните стихове:

Fela bid on Westwegum werum uncudra
wundra and wihta, wlitescyne lond,
eardgeard Ylfa and Esa bliss.
Lyt aenig wat hwylc his longad sy
pam pe eftsides yldu getwaefed.

“Many things there be in the West-regions unknown to Men, many wonders and many creatures: a land lovely to behold, the homeland of the Elves and the bliss of the Valar. Little doth any man understand what the yearning may be of one whom old age cutteth off from returning thither.”

Вж. първия вариант на поемата.