Хобит (1977)

Музика и аранжимент: Мори Лоус; Текст: Джулс Бас

  1. As the Road Comes to an End
  2. The Bearer of the Ring
  3. Chip the Glasses, Crack the Plates
  4. Down, Down to Goblin town
  5. Dwarven Legend
  6. End of the Ring, The Return of The King
  7. Goblin Escape
  8. Frodo of The Nine Fingers
  9. The Greatest Adventure
  10. It’s So Easy Not To Try
  11. Less Can Be More
  12. Leave Tomorrow Until it Comes
  13. The Mountain’s King Return
  14. Roads Go Ever On
  15. The Song of Rivendell
  16. The Taming of the Barrels
  17. Where There’s a Whip
  18. Win the Battle, Lose the War
Саундтрак на Хобит (1978)